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Circa Waves

Never Going Under

Never Going Under

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Written throughout the pandemic and produced by Kieran Shuddall himself, ‘Never Going Under’ is the most comprehensive Circa Waves album to date, both thematically and musically.

They say that becoming a parent changes your entire perception of the world, and it rings true for Shuddall. Becoming a father for the first time during the pandemic, the songwriter immediately began looking at the world around him differently, and seeing a different purpose for the songs he was writing.

The band’s fifth studio album sees Shuddall and his band looking at a confusing, uncertain world through a new lens, but musically they have never sounded more sure of themselves. The path ahead is completely unknown to them, but they’re ready to tread it fearlessly.


Never Going Under
Do You Wanna Talk
Hell On Earth
Your Ghost
Carry You Home
Northern Town
Electric City
Want It All Today
Golden Days
Hold On
Living In The Grey

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