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Elliott Smith

New Moon

New Moon

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Phoebe Bridgers, Bright Eyes, any other moody indie singer songwriter that leans on their lyricism and acoustic guitar... they all got it from here.


  1. Angel in the Snow
  2. Talking to Mary
  3. High Times
  4. New Monkey
  5. Looking Over My Shoulder
  6. Going Nowhere
  7. Riot Coming
  8. All Cleaned Out
  9. First Timer
  10. Go By
  11. Miss Misery [Early Version]
  12. Thirteen


  1. Georgia, Georgia
  2. Whatever [Folk Song in C]
  3. Big Decision
  4. Placeholder
  5. New Disaster
  6. Seen How Things Are Hard
  7. Fear City
  8. Either/Or
  9. Pretty Mary K [Other Version]
  10. Almost Over
  11. See You Later
  12. Half Right
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