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Jordan Rakei

Origin (180 Gram Clear Vinyl)

Origin (180 Gram Clear Vinyl)

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Origin is the third studio album by New-Zealand/Australian singer-songwriter Jordan Rakei. It was released June 14, 2019.

Sitting in the soul/funk space, this release from Rakei sees him develop substantially as an artist creating an album which incorporates catchy vocals with clean production. Moving forward from the bedroom pop sounds of his previous work, Origins tracks sound professional and well executed.

Conceptually, the album focusses on themes of climate change, technology and politics addressing some hard hitting subjects which are clearly of importance to the artist as they are expressed articulately with passion and conviction. Rakei has silky smooth vocals but still manages to push his thoughts and feelings through with subtle intimacy.

Encasing backing vocals, simple drum patterns and an occasional splash of synth or peaceful piano makes this release as sonically interesting and it is imaginative. The ebb and flow between buoyant and infectious funk and dark, bewitching soul creates an album fitting for any mood.      

1. Mad World
2. Say Something
3. Minds Eye
4. Rolling into One
5. Oasis
6. Wildfire
7. Signs
8. You & Me
9. Moda
10. Speak
11. Mantra

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