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The Record (Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl)

The Record (Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl)

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When word got out that the transcendent misery merchant trio Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Daucus were forming a 'Boy Band' fans and critics alike were excited. It made so much sense, and their self-titled EP proved it. The voices mesh and move with each other effortlessly, the guitar and melodic interplay that leans on each of their strengths is magnificent. Their debut full-length 'The Record' is set to be more of the same, just bigger, better and more polished.

Side A

1. Without You Without Them
2. $20
3. Emily I'm Sorry
4. True Blue
5. Cool About It
6. Not Strong Enough

Side B

7. Revolution O
8. Leonard Cohen
9. Satanist
10. We're In Love
11. Anti-Curse
12. Letter To An Old Poet

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