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"Record Pal" Vinyl Cleaning Roller

"Record Pal" Vinyl Cleaning Roller

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The Quickest Way to Clean Your Vinyl Records

Maintaining the epic sound of your vinyl collection means paying meticulous attention to detail. For rare editions or everyday use, picking up every speck of dust preserves the integrity of your record and its sound. A high-quality vinyl record cleaning roller keeps your record in rotation for years to come.

No Residue

One quick roll does the job. To keep your collection intact, this non-adhesive gel picks up even the deepest particles in about five seconds without leaving any residue behind. Keep your records scratch-free with a vinyl record cleaning roller that has other uses too. Clean your computer screen, cell phone, glasses or other glass-topped items with one simple tool that leaves no evidence of dust.

Wash and Reuse

Your vinyl cleaner stands the test of time with a simple wash under warm tap water. Once you’ve used it two or three times, simply rinse and reuse. A dust-proof cap keeps it clean between uses, and quick-drying fabric is ready for the next turntable session.

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