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Requiem Mass

Requiem Mass

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Requiem Mass is a special companion to Korn’s critically acclaimed 2022 release Requiem - five stand-out tracks from the album captured live as part of an intimate ceremony at the Hollywood United Methodist Church.

“The members of Korn are each among the best in the world at their instruments, and more than that, their shows are so captivating be- cause they’re not just about anger for anger’s sake–they’re about catharsis.” - GQ
“Requiem is not only excellent in its own right, but in capturing Jonathan at a transitional point in his life... Breaking new ground 30 years into their career” - KERRANG!
“Requiem’ has brought something new to a discography that, until now, has been an explo- ration of human suffering. It’s led to the band ’s most nuanced record to date.” - NME
“Nearly 30 years into their career, the metal veterans’ influence and impact continues to grow” - SPIN
“Requiem, which confronts the ongoing dark- ness with some of Korn’s most melodic, urgent and impactful songs in recent years.” - REVOLVER


  1. Start The Healing (Requiem Mass)
  2. Lost In The Grandeur (Requiem Mass)
  3. Hopeless and Beaten (Requiem Mass)
  4. Worst Is On Its Way (Requiem Mass)
  5. Let The Dark Do The Rest (Requiem Mass)
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