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RIOT! (Silver Vinyl)

RIOT! (Silver Vinyl)

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Some would say RIOT! at the time was like any other pop punk emo record - brazen, energetic and fierce. But now standing as one of the most enduring acts from that scene at the time, Paramore's second LP in retrospect acts as a landmark achievement for early 2000's rock. Surpassing their age, their scene and their surrounding acts, Hayley Williams and her cohort tore through with catchy melodies and rocking guitars, cementing the appeal for what would be (and actively still is) one of the most enduring, lasting and popular rock bands of the twenty first century. 

That, and the snare mix leaps right out at you.

1. For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
2. That's What You Get
3. Hallelujah
4. Misery Business
5. When It Rains
6. Let the Flames Begin
7. Miracle
8. Crushcrushcrush
9. We Are Broken
10. Fences
11. Born for This
12. Mistery Business - Acoustic Version

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