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Although today it makes the most sense in the world, pairing Metal bands with symphony orchestras used to be a novel concept. Metallica's blistering collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra changed that forever. Now on 3LPs

  1. -Human
  2. Battery
  3. Bleeding Me
  4. Devil's Dance
  5. Enter Sandman
  6. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  7. Fuel
  8. Hero Of The Day
  9. Master Of Puppets
  10. No Leaf Clover
  11. Nothing Else Matters
  12. Of Wolf And Man
  13. One
  14. Sad But True
  15. Call Of The Ktulu, The
  16. Ecstacy Of Gold, The
  17. Memory Remains, The
  18. Outlaw Torn, The
  19. Thing That Should Not Be, The
  20. Until It Sleeps
  21. Wherever I May Roam
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