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Sepulquatra (2LP)

Sepulquatra (2LP)

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Metal stalwarts Sepultura are back with another hard-hitting LP with a ton of features.

A1 Territory
Featuring - David Ellefson
A2 Cut-Throat
Featuring - Scott Ian
A3 Sepulnation
Featuring - Danko Jones
A4 Inner Self
Featuring - Phil Rind
B1 Hatred Aside
Featuring - Angelica Burns, Fernanda Lira, Mayara Puertas
B2 Mask
Featuring - Devin Townsend
B3 Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering
Featuring - Emmily Barreto
B4 Vandals Nest
Featuring - Alex Skolnick
C1 Slave New World
Featuring - Matt Heafy
C2 Ratamahatta
Featuring - Charles Gavin, João Barone
C3 Apes Of God
Featuring - Rob Cavestany
C4 Phantom Self
Featuring - Mark Holcomb
D1 Slaves Of Pain
Featuring - Frédéric Leclercq, Marcello Pompeu
D2 Kaiowas
Featuring - Rafael Bittencourt
D3 Orgasmatron
Featuring - Phil Campbell 

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