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Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant (Bloodshot Visions' Edition Vinyl LP)

Sleeping Giant (Bloodshot Visions' Edition Vinyl LP)

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Limited edition on red/pink swirl with green and blue 'Bloodshot' splatter vinyl.

"Sometimes a band comes right out of their second rehearsal with a batch of songs, ready to hit the studio and make a record — or at least that’s how it feels. That’s not the case with Sleeping Giant, who emerge from Australia’s crowded heavy underground some six years after forming as Lowpoint.

Their self-titled and self-released-but-probably-not-for-long debut album is the result of the subsequent half-decade of writing and woodshedding, and comprises a clean eight tracks and 42 minutes of solid-foundation fuzz rock, turning influences from earlier Queens of the Stone Age, Lowrider, Kyuss and more rolling fare into a collection of original songs that bask in their fuzzy familiarity but still feel geared toward their own approach, perhaps because they’ve been so worked on.

Even the recording process for Sleeping Giant‘s Sleeping Giant took a year, which sounds excruciating, but the resultant long-player finds guitarist/vocalist Steven Hammer, bassist James Wright and drummer Pali Emond-Glenn sounding well aware of who they are as a band and able to manifest that in their material without losing their first-album edge".

  1. Sleep
  2. Temptress
  3. Empire
  4. Serpent
  5. Gypsy
  6. Visions I
  7. Visions II
  8. Visions III
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