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Sounds in the key of J (Ltd Etd 2LP)

Sounds in the key of J (Ltd Etd 2LP)

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Sounds In The Key Of J is a career-spanning celebration of the band’s pioneering and beloved bass player and singer, Janet English. Amongst her extensive catalogue, she’s behind some of the band’s most memorable hits – including Calypso, Glokenpop, Hot Water & Milk and new single, My Car’s A UFO – which, coincidentally, was only recently discovered by accident on an old CD of mixes from The Flight Of Wally Funk sessions.

The record is available on 2LP with a double-front cover, and features previously unavailable tracks and B-Sides. 

- Limited Edition compilation
- Previously unheard and unavailable tracks + b-sides




  1. Supersonic Edit
  2. Glokenpop
  3. Calypso
  4. Cows
  5. Inner Ear Infection
  6. I gotta Know
  7. A.D.D
  8. In this city
  9. Goin off


  1. Jesus
  2. Hot water & milk
  3. Bessys Last Journey
  4. Big furry green monster
  5. Sun will come shining
  6. Parking Lot
  7. Daisy May
  8. Its Beautiful


  1. Riffer
  2. Outta My Head
  3. Dinnertime
  4. Goosh
  5. Yeah oh yeah
  6. Conjunctivitis
  7. Live in a box
  8. What you get
  9. My cars a UFO


  1. Stevie
  2. Fucken Awesome
  3. Arse Huggin Pants
  4. Alex the Seal
  5. Lickety Split
  6. Footy
  7. The Ballad of Whitby Farm
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