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Simon & Garfunkel

Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence

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Simon & Garfunkel were the most successful duo of the 60s. And they were (measured by record sales) also the most successful duo of the 70s, the 80s and the 90s, although the two went their separate ways since 1970. This was due to formidable longplays like "Sound Of Silence", which secured the duo dreamlike sales until today.

1 The Sounds Of Silence
2 Leaves That Are Green
3 Blessed
4 Kathy'S Song
5 Somewhere They Can'T Find Me
6 Anji

1 Richard Cory
2 A Most Peculiar Man
3 April Come She Will
4 We'Ve Got A Groovey Thing Goin'
5 I Am A Rock

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