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Cocteau Twins

Stars and Topsoil

Stars and Topsoil

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Stars and Topsoil – A Collection (1982–1990) is a compilation album by the Scottish band Cocteau Twins, released on the 4AD label on October 16, 2000. The album featured tracks released during the group's time on 4AD between 1982 and 1990, covering every Cocteau Twins album from Garlands through Heaven or Las Vegas.

  1. Blind Dumb Deaf
  2. Sugar Hiccup
  3. My Love Paramour
  4. Pearly-dewdrops' Drops
  5. Lorelei
  6. Pandora
  7. Aikea-Guinea
  8. Pink Orange Red
  9. Pale Clouded White
  10. Lazy Calm
  11. The Thinner The Air
  12. Orange Appled
  13. Cico Buff
  14. Carolyn's Fingers
  15. Fifty-fifty Clown
  16. Iceblink Luck
  17. Heaven Or Las Vegas
  18. Watchlar
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