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Augie March

Strange Bird

Strange Bird

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'Strange Bird' is the second studio album by the Australian indie rock band Augie March. It was first released on 14 October 2002.

Strange Bird followed from the success of the band's moderately successful first album, Sunset Studies, which was voted as one of the best albums of 2000 by Triple J listeners. Strange Bird was quite a departure for the band, replacing the often mellow melodies of the first album with a more expansive, direct sound.

The album was acclaimed upon release by critics. "This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers" was number #66 in the 2002 Triple J Hottest 100 poll.

A more concise record than the epic Sunset Studies, Strange Bird' still manages to cover more sonic terrain. It veers from the sweet, building harmony of 'The Vineyard', through the Wild West gallop of 'This Train', the heavy 'Song in the Key of Chance' and muted melancholy of 'O Mi Sol Li Lon' to the plaintive balladry of 'The Night is A Blackbird', and that's all in the first half hour!

Like its predecessor, 'Strange Bird' includes two tracks recorded by the band themselves ('O Mi Sol Li Lon' and 'Sunstroke House'), originally meant as demos but which ended up making the grade. The album was recorded at Sing Sing in Melbourne with Chris Thompson, and in Sydney at Megaphon with Paul McKercher and Big Jesusburger with Chris Townend respectively.

1. The Vineyard
2. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
3. Little Wonder
4. The Night Is A Blackbird
5. O Mi Sol Li Lon
6. Song In The Key Of Chance
7. Up The Hill And Down
8. There's Something At The Bottom Of The Black Pool
9. Addle Brains
10. The Keepa
11. The Drowning Dream
12. Sunstroke House
13. Brundisium
14. O Song

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