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My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade

The Black Parade

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When he was a young boy... I presume he listened to a lot of Queen between bouts of being sad. Emo is such a reductive a term for what is one of the best Alternative Rock Albums of the naughties. The post Nu-Metal vacuum was amply filled by My Chemical Romance and this is their pièce de résistance. Anthems from start to finish sprinkled in with earnest pop tracks that are at home everywhere, from a teenager's bedroom to a classic rock radio station. 

1 The End.
2 Dead!
3 This Is How I Disappear
4 The Sharpest Lives
5 Welcome To The Black Parade
6 I Don'T Love You
7 House Of Wolves
8 Cancer
9 Mama
10 Sleep
11 Teenagers
12 Disenchanted
13 Famous Last Words
14 Blood

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