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Cars, The

The Cars Greatest Hits (Red Vinyl)

The Cars Greatest Hits (Red Vinyl)

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The legendary alternative rockers The Cars set the music world on fire back in 1977 with their superstar brand of rock and roll. Augmented with the brilliant musicianship of members Ric Ocasek,Benjamin Orr, Elliot Easton, David Robinson and Greg Hawkes, their initial offerings would prove to become the huge catalyst for things to come.

For their six smash albums, The Cars, Candy-O, Panorama, Shake It Up, Heartbeat City and Door to Door, the singles and hit album tracks would take the band to the top of all the popular music charts as these masterpiece albums would become classic rock manna for the ages.

1. Just What I Needed
2. Since You're Gone
3. You Might Think
4. Good Times Roll
5. Touch And Go
6. Drive
7. Tonight She Comes
8. My Best Friend's Girl
9. Let's Go
10. I'm Not The One
11. Magic
12. Shake It Up

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