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The Nebulizer

The Nebulizer

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Kerser, infamous champion of the Australian underground rap scene dropped debut album The Nebulizer in 2011.

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated 10th album and for the first time, The Nebulizer is available to purchase on vinyl.

  1. Welcome
  2. Watch Me Get Em
  3. Dont Fuck with Kerser
  4. Gonna Get Hi Today
  5. I Dont Give a Shit
  6. Kerser Is the Sickest
  7. Battlefield
  8. Let Em Celebrate
  9. Same Scenery
  10. So You Did Leave
  11. Party Like This, Pt. 1
  12. Party Like This, Pt. 2
  13. Style That You Need
  14. Do the Kers
  15. Magic Trick
  16. They Dont Wanna Hear
  17. You Know Me
  18. The South West
  19. No Fucken with Me Now
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