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The "Starter" Turntable Pack (Taylor's Version)

The "Starter" Turntable Pack (Taylor's Version)

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  • The Starter Pack BT

The perfect vinyl starter pack. Now with TAYLOR!

We've put this together prioritising convenience, price, and ease of use. That being said, this set up sounds great and will last you for years.

The Turntable - Audio Technica's LP60X

This entry level player from Audio technica is phenomenal value for money. It sounds good, it will look after your records, but most importantly it takes about 2 minutes between opening the box and playing a record. It's fully automatic which means barely any set up, just place your record on the matt and hit play. 

The Speakers - Edifier 1280DB

If you are just getting started we can't recommend these enough. They are small enough not to be overwhelming but sound great and can fill a room. Our favourite feature and the reason they make the starter package though is the range of connection inputs. Not only will they get the most out of your new turntable, you can connect it to your phone via bluetooth for streaming music, use them as computer monitors, and connect them to a TV or games console all at the same time. They will upgrade the sound for all of these and you can switch between sources with the button on the side of the speakers or the included remote. 

Limited on space? Want to have your speakers in a different location, or maybe want the option of connecting your headphones (like the M20X-BT) to your turntable. The BT version of the 'Starter' Pack upgrades the LP60X to the LP60X-BT. 
This adds a bluetooth output to the turntable so you can send the signal wirelessly to your speakers or headphones.

NOTE: The 1280DB speakers included in both packs have a bluetooth input.

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