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Who, The

The Who Sell Out (2LP Deluxe Edition)

The Who Sell Out (2LP Deluxe Edition)

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Initially released in December 1967 and described latterly by Rolling Stone as ‘The Who’s finest album’ The Who Sell Out reflected a remarkable year in popular culture. As well as being forever immortalised as the moment when the counterculture and the ‘Love Generation’ became a global phenomenon and ‘pop’ began metamorphosing into ‘rock’.

  • 2 LP Deluxe remastered edition
  • LP1: Original Album
  • LP2: 12 Bonus Tracks
  • Rare photos and memorabilia
  • Free psychedelic poster
  • Track by track liner notes

"we were hoping to get free Jaguars. We got fifty tins of free baked beans"
- Pete Townsend

1 Armenia City In The Sky
2 Heinz Baked Beans
3 Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
4 Odorono
5 Tattoo
6 Our Love Was
7 I Can See For Miles

1 I Can't Reach You
2 Medac
3 Relax
4 Silas Stingy
5 Sunrise
6 Rael (1 And 2)

1 Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
2 Someone's Coming
3 Summertime Blues
4 Glittering Girl
5 Early Morning Cold Taxi
6 Girl's Eyes

1 Coke After Coke
2 Sodding About
3 Things Go Better With Coke
4 In The Hall Of The Mountain King
5 Jaguar
6 Rael (IBC Remake)

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