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Undisputed Attitude

Undisputed Attitude

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After being offered a recording deal by Rick Rubin's Def Jam Recordings, Slayer signed and quickly began working on its third album with Rubin as co-producer. The result, 1986's Reign in Blood, has been called a "thrash metal masterpiece" and even credited with almost single-handedly inspiring the entire death metal genre, at least in North America.

1 Disintegration/Free Money
2 Verbal Abuse/Leeches
3 Abolish Government/Superficial Love
4 Can't Stand You
5 Ddamm
6 Guilty of Being White
7 I Hate You
8 Filler/I Don't Want to Hear It
9 Spiritual Law
10 Sick Boy
11 Mr. Freeze
12 Violent Pacification
13 Richard Hung Himself
14 I'm Gonna Be Your God
15 Gemini

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