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Flying Lotus

Until the quiet comes

Until the quiet comes

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Composed, according to FlyLo, as 'a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies', Until the Quiet Comes has the distinct feel of this nocturnal trip. From the twitching descent into a subconscious state and the out-of-focus time-ether of the journey that follows, the sound is an unhinged, yet elegant evolution of the melodic and rhythmic interplay that is woven into the DNA of Flying Lotus' aural personae. The album, featuring guests Erykah Badu, Laura Darlington, Niki Randa, Thundercat & Thom Yorke, is set for release on October 2. UTQC is fueled by FlyLo's first ever full US Tour, multiple videos, creative visual assets and massive support from his ever-growing group of press and fans. Notable followers include Odd Future (Earl Sweatshirt collaboration with Adult Swim online now), Schoolboy Q (who's been in the studio) and rising super-producer Clams Casino.

  1. All In
  2. Getting There
  3. Until the Colours Come
  4. Heave(N)
  5. Tiny Tortures
  6. All the Secrets
  7. Sultan S Request
  8. Putty Boy Strut
  9. See Thru to U
  10. Until the Quiet Comes
  11. DMT Song
  12. The Nightcaller
  13. Only If You Wanna
  14. Electric Candyman
  15. Hunger
  16. Phantasm
  17. Me Yesterday//Corded
  18. Dream to Me
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