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Distant Populations

Distant Populations

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“Distant Populations” is Quicksand’s fourth studio album, released in 2021. One of the most remarkable aspects of Distant Populations is how timely and prescient the themes running throughout its songs sound at this very moment. Thoughtful, driving, and powerful, like the long-lived band itself, the 11 tracks comprising Distant Populations have an emotional resonance that is only amplified by the events of the past stressed-out, locked-down year.

“Distant Populations,” is without a doubt a fan favourite album, with many fan favourite songs such as “Lightning Field” and “Brushed” This album offers a listening experience like no other, with the artist’s original style of Post Hardcore.

Pressed on Classic Black Vinyl.

1. Inversion
2. Lightning Field
3. Colossus
4. Brushed
5. Katakana
6. Missile Command
7. Phase 90
8. The Philosopher
9. Compacted Reality
10. EMDR
11. Rodan

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