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Kills, The

No Wow

No Wow

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No Wow was originally released in 2005 and won immediate acclaim for its naked, scuzzy energy.

The album's stormy fusion of darkness and the dancefloor was reflected in songs like "Love Is a Deserter" ("You got one eye as white as a bride / The other eye, as black as the devil"), and tracks like "Good Ones" radiated with heat and desperation ("You got to burn down your house, keep your dreaming alive"). And the record's whirlwind creative timeline only enhanced its fiery pitch. Pitchfork raved, "That expedited process lends No Wow a raw immediacy that fits the band's tempestuousness and sexual tension."

The Kills proved to be something more than just another one of the garage rock bands in vogue at the time, something more grave and glamorous and consequential. 

No Wow
Telephone Radio Germany
Love Is A Deserter
Dead Road 7
The Good Ones
I Hate The Way You Love
I Hate The Way You Love Pt.2
At The Back Of The Shell
Sweet Cloud
Rodeo Town 
B4 Murdermile
Ticket Man

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