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The "Rosa" Turntable Pack

The "Rosa" Turntable Pack

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  • Description
  • The Turntable
  • The Speakers

NOTE: all our turntable packs have everything you need to take home, plug in, and spin a record (except for the record).

There can be a lot to think about when getting into records or hi-fi (two very seperate things), where do you start? There's amps, different types of speakers, even pre-amps and phono stages. But if you are getting into records, probably the most exiting part, is going to be the turntable. Want a turntable that you can be really proud of, but still keeps things simple, easy, and reasonably compact? Let me introduce you to "The Rosa". A genuine, high end turntable from Audio Technica, the masters at giving you exactly what you need. Pair that with our favourite, out of their own league bookshelf speakers for easy stereo sound and you've got yourself a impressive little set up.

What's in the Pack

Like the rest of the packs in our simple range, The "Rosa" is designed to be the authentic vinyl experience but fuss free. A fully manual turntable with built in phono stage (you don't need to know what that is yet but if you want to check out this article), our favourite entry level powered speakers (speakers with an amp built in), and let's not forget all the essentials to keep your turntable and records in perfect condition.

  • Audio Technica LP7
  • 1280DB Bookshelf speakers
  • All the cables and kit you need to get started 

The Turntable - Audio Technica's LP7

Check out the full product page here

You can check out all the tech specs in the LP7 product page if you like but what you need to know is that this thing can impress. It's got the modern features that allow you not to think too hard, the sound quality in excess of it's price tag, and did I mention it would look great on your shelf?

  1. Incredible value for money
  2. Built to last
  3. Sounds great
  4. Has features to get you started quickly (built in phone stage)
  5. Has features to grow with you (manual operation and easily upgradable parts)

The Speakers - 1280DB

Check out the full product page here

Again feel free to check out the full details in the product page (link above) but the 1280DB are our favourite entry level speakers for a reason and may be the perfect gateway to get you off your small portable bluetooth speaker.

  1. Small size to fit in any space
  2. Huge sound for a speaker of this size
  3. Versatile - plug them into your turntable... and your tv and stream via bluetooth all at the same time and switch between at the touch of a button
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